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Outside the Box

The fantabulous folks at FableVision are hosting their second annual Creative Juices art show, ONE NIGHT ONLY! Get ready for some magic on Friday, April 29, 6-10pm at 308 Congress Street, Boston (above the Children's Museum). More information can be found at the official exhibit website, including the skinny on the 24 featured artists and a downloadable template to make your own Creative Juices sculpture!

Hope to see you there!

<3 Ellen

Dots Per Inch

The Distillery Gallery is pleased to announce “Dots Per Inch”, an exhibit of printmaking and graphic design. This show focuses not only on techniques, but also the creativity, artistic integrity, and entrepreneurial spirit involved with such disciplines. Works by independent designers will showcase the attention to aesthetics that goes into their craft, whether it be traditional letterpress, screen printing, or modern digital design. Along with works of various mediums displayed in both proper gallery fashion and salon-style, the show will also include a section of wall space dedicated to collaborative installation where artists will print layers of mixed imagery directly onto the wall surface.The opening reception will provide the public with an opportunity to meet the artists, ask questions about processes, and purchase independent, locally-made goods from the “merch table” set up in the middle of the gallery. Exhibitors include: AntiDesigns, Dance Party Massacre, Davi…

A Taste of Boston

A Taste of Boston samples from Boston's diverse art scene, and opens to the public at the 808 Gallery (808 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston) on Wednesday, April 6. There is an opening reception on Thursday, April 7 from 6-9pm, and you should come and join your fellow Boston Artists in celebrating the diversity of the art scene in this city!
More information can be found on the Taste of Boston website.

Included artists: Julie Kang, Jeanette O'Connor, Brenda Cirioni, Biying Zhang, Ellen Ezorsky, Sarah Berry, Billy Sims, Sean Flood, Kate Benson, Courtland Blade, Anthony Lobosco, Jeremy Ackman, Margaret Rose Vendryes, Clement Liu, Chloe M Gough, Courtney Moy, Elizabeth Menges, Katherine Vetne, Gabriel Sweet, Rachel Hammerman, Erica Aubin, Janette Chien, Kathy Liao, Dustin Young, Catalina Viejo, Alexandra Carter, Heidi Hogden, Jenn Houle, Sarah Pollman, Bayne Peterson, Erica Chin, Craig Lupien

Tiny Trifecta Exhibition And Grand Opening Of Tara McPherson's Cotton Candy Machine Art Boutique

Do you live in New York or are you going to be in New York on April 9th? If so, you should go to this grand opening exhibition! Show your support to the beautiful talented Tara McPherson and her new art boutique. Boston's very own Tofu Squirrel has a shrimpy piece in it, literally, and she will also be attending.

Click Here For The Facebook Event Invite