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MICE 2012


Aaron Wood
Adrienne Nunez
Alexander Danner
Allie Kleber
Amanda Atkins
Andy Wong
Anna Mudd
Ansis Purins
April Malig
Art School Fraud
Barry Corbett
Beatriz Bravo
Ben Guilfoy
Ben Prager
Benjamin Doane
Bethany Strohm
Bill Bedard
Bob Flynn
Boston Comics Roundtable
Box Brown
Braden Lamb
Bram Meehan
Cara Bean
Carl Antonowicz
Carrie Morris
Cat Craig
Catalina Rufin
Cathy Leamy
Chad Hanna
Chad Sell
Charles Schneeflock Snow
Chris Watkins
Christian J. Ruiz
Christopher "Radical" Warren
Clay McCormack
Colin Panetta
Colin Tedford
Colleen AF Venable
Dan Mazur
Dan Moynihan (Heeby Jeeby Comix)
Danny Hellman
Dave Mahan
Dave Ortega
Dave Shabet
David Kender
David Lynch
David Marshall
Dirk Tiede
Doug DeRocher
Dylan Klymenko
EJ Barnes
Elizabeth Neronski
Ellen Crenshaw
Eric Boeker
Erica Henderson
Erik Heumiller
Franklin Einspruch
Greg Marathas
Haemi Choung
Heather Nunnelly
Holly Foltz
Ian Nichols
Jackie Musto
James Soper
Jamie Noguchi
Jason Viola
Jeff Beckman
Jennie Wood
Jerel Dye
Jesse Durona
Jesse Lonergan
Joe Daxberger
Joel Gill
Joel Lolar
Joey Peters
John Green
John Hilliard
john klossner
Jon Chad
Jose Olivares
Joyana McDiarmid
Julian Fine
Julian Rowe
Karl Stevens
KC Green
Keith Zulawnik
kenan rubenstein
Kevin Church
Kevin Hebb
Kimball Anderson
Kriota Willberg
Kristilyn Stevenson
Laurel Lynn Leake
LB Lee
Line Olsson
Logan Faerber
Luke Howard
Maggie Siegel-Berele
Marek Bennett
Marissa Falco
Martha Hull
Matt Aucoin
Matt Moses/Hic and Hoc
Matthew Young
Megan Brennan
Michael Rapa
Michelle Nunnelly
Mike Centeno
Mike Lynch
Ming Doyle
Morgan M Pielli
Nathan Kitler
Neil Brideau
Nick Offerman
Paige Warren
Pat Aulisio
Pat Lapierre
Patt Kelley
Randall Drew
Renee Kurilla
Rick Silva
RJ Edwards
Robert Oxma
Robert Richburg
Robert Sikoryak MICE Special GuestRoho
Ron LeBrasseur
Ross Nover
Sara Lindo
Sarah Adam
Sasha Steinberg
Sean Ford
Shelli Paroline
Sophie Goldstein
stephanie wilson
Stephanie Yue
Steve Seck
Tak Toyoshima
Tami Wicinas
Taylor Milano
The Center for Cartoon Studies
Tina Pratt
Tofu Squirrel
Tony Sedani
Trees & Hills Comics Group
Valerie Arruda
Victor J. Toro
Whitney Taylor
William Clark
Zachariah Brown
Zack Giallongo


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East Boston, MA: The World Peace Mural Tour will make its way to Boston for a special 4th of July Independence Day installation of a “Handwritten Mural” by renowned Miami artist, Renda Writer. The artist will install a “World Peace” mural on the main exterior wall of Iglesias Bautista Sendas de Fe in East Boston (316 East Meridian St., Boston, MA 02128) on July 4th, starting at 10am. The mural will include the phrase “WORD PEACE” spray-painted repetitiously, in a patriotic mix of red, white, and blue. For more details, check the World Peace Mural Tour Facebook Event.

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February - May, 2014  Artist’s reception to be held on March 24th from 5-7PM The South Rotunda Gallery is open seven days a week from 8-8pm (visitor badges are required) 900 Boylston St  Boston, MA 02115

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