Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Art & Craft Fair Wrap-Up Photos

Don't mind if I do!

One of Boston's favorites, Kristilyn aka Zombie Romance, at her colorful table full of eye candy!  She had dozens of adorable buttons, zombie sticker sheets, prints, hand crafted jewelry (earrings/necklaces/rings), stuffed critters like little bats and squids and more!!! The thing we like most about Kristilyn's work is that it is all adorable, even the creepy things. 
If anyone can make a ghost or zombie look cute, it is Kristilyn!
Here's one of her littlest customers trying a ring on every finger. 
(I don't blame her! The rings were awesome!)
Check out Kristilyn's online shop for available goodies:

We stopped by the table of Robin Showstack aka Hearts' Desires, covered in handmade necklaces and earrings. We always love meeting people who are passionate about something, and Robin is passionate about entomology.  She finds beauty within the colors and aesthetic details of insects.  It was interesting to see the photos of the insects that have inspired her creations.  Her work can be found at boutiques around Boston and is also available via email request:

Behold, the intricate works of Dara Cheek aka Hieropice! 
We were immediately wowed by her terrarium necklaces.  
How ridiculously cool are these!?
(click the image to enlarge) 
She also makes gorgeous beaded necklaces and earrings.
Luckily, there is a Hieropice online shop full of goodies:

Andrea Kulish is a mixed media artist and designer.  One of our favorite things displayed at her table were these delicate batik Ukrainian Easter egg ornaments.  She also offered prints, silk screened t-shirts, and more.  Most of her work promoted recycling and love for the environment.  You can see more of her design work on her website:

This fun colorful handmade journal, created by Cristina Hajosy, caught our attention, so we had to stop and chat!  Cristina is like a "jack of all trades" artist.  She does photography, book making, paper making/design, soap making, and makes fresh homemade food jars 
(chutney, relish, mustard and more). 
Not only does she do all of the above, 
she also teaches book making and photography! 
Her online shop offers artist's books, handmade soap, and yummy artisanal foods:

We then visited Molly Kugler Dickinson's table.  She had a wonderful assortment of original oil paintings and prints on wood blocks.  We LOVE bunnies, and the way that she captured them in her artwork was beautiful.  Her work focuses on animals, nature, and also the people who love animals and nature.  She offers portrait commissions through her website:

Susan W. Burgess aka Batik Beauties offered an assortment of vibrant handmade scarves.  She told us that one thing she enjoys the most about creating these pieces is that she doesn't know exactly how each scarf is going to look after she dyes it.  That kind of mystery factors into the uniqueness of each of her scarves and makes them that much more special.  Her scarves can be found at boutiques around Boston and you can also place an order via email:

Ava Chan kindly welcomed us at her table.  She offered handmade home textiles including table runners, placemats, and rugs.  We could tell that a lot of heart and dedication went into each of her pieces. They were not only home textiles, they were original works of art!  You can see more of Ava's work on her website:

Sharon D. Armour aka Salamander Arts is another "jack of all trades" artist!  The thing that makes Sharon's work so exciting is that she takes natural found materials or recycled materials and turns them into something great.  She creates tote bags out of plastic shopping bags, sculptures from found wood or clay she dug up herself,  and more.  We really enjoyed looking at her work and also playing with her handmade spinning tops!  :)
Check out more of Sharon's work on her website:

George Anastos happily welcomed us to his table full of colorful paintings.  A lot of work that he had on display was influenced by his beloved cat.  Through his style, subjects, and color choices, it clearly showed that George enjoyed creating these paintings.  You can check out more of his work on his website:

After the fair, we walked over to J.P.Licks and got ice cream sundaes.  They were delicious, as always.  One of our sundaes was oatmeal cookie yogurt with caramel sauce and whipped cream on top and the other was coffee oreo with hot fudge and whipped cream. YUM!!!!!!
Make sure to support your favorite local businesses.


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