Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jadis The Snow Queen - A Nefertara Masterpiece

Jadis The Snow Queen by Nefertara
Her art is like nothing we have seen before, so we wait in anticipation until she unveils her new creations.  This week,  Nefertara's new look is called "Jadis The Snow Queen", based off of one of her recent illustrations.  She creates all of her own custom designs, hats, crowns, accessories, eyelashes, and applies her own makeup.  There have recently been rumors that she is planning to release a line of unique accessories through her fashion label, "The Church of Vanity".  Boston is proud to have her, but we have a feeling her work will expand worldwide.  We hope to see Nefertara's work featured in Vogue Magazine some day.
Snow Queen Illustration by Nefertara


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