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Spring 2013 Public Programs and Exhibitions - SMFA

Spring 2013 Public Programs and Exhibitions

Jan 30–Mar 12                                      “Histories of Now: A Space for Dialogue, Art and Activism” (Barbara + Steven Grossman Gallery, SMFA)
With a focus on current events in Egypt, this exhibition will explore various contemporary movements and their shared struggle for social transformation. The gallery will transform into a site of international and local dialogue with spaces for gatherings, areas for internet research and a media library for readings, creative thinking and questioning.

Jan 24                                                  Visiting Artist lecture: Helge Meyer (B209, SMFA)
Jan 28–Feb 12                                      Metals+Glass Area Exhibition (Project Space+ BAG Gallery, SMFA)
Jan 28                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Andrea Sherrill Evans (A204, SMFA)

Feb 4                                                    Visiting artist lecture: Ria Brodell (A204, SMFA)
Feb 5                                                    Visiting artist lecture: Marie Losier (Alfond Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts)
Feb 6                                                    Visiting artist lecture: Lynn Lu (B209, SMFA)
Feb 7                                                    Visiting artist lecture: Steve Dibenedetto (Alfond Auditorium, MFA)
Feb 11                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Kelly Sherman (A204, SMFA)
Feb 12                                                  Visiting artist lecture: David Brooks (Alfond Auditorium, MFA)
Feb 14                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Henry Horenstein (B311, SMFA)
Feb 19                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Kevin Everson (Remis Auditorium, MFA)
Feb 19–Mar 11                                      Ceramics Area Exhibition (Weems Atrium + Project Space, SMFA)
Feb 19–Mar 11                                      Drawing Area Exhibition (BAG Gallery, SMFA)
Feb 20                                                  Visiting artist: Adina Bar-On (B209, SMFA)
Feb 24                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Sophia Ainslie (A204, SMFA)
Feb 25                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Bill Flynn (A204, SMFA)
Feb 26                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Nayland Blake (Alfond Auditorium, MFA)
Feb 28                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Andrea Geyer (B311, SMFA)

Mar 4                                                    Visiting artist lecture: Raul Gonzalez (A204, SMFA)
Mar 7                                                    Visiting artist lecture: Julia Jacquette (Alfond Auditorium, MFA)
Mar 8+9                                                Graduate Open Studios (Mission Hill building, SMFA)
Mar 9–Aug 18                                       “Students Curate Students: Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts.” (Courtyard Gallery, MFA)
Co-curated by two MFA students, this exhibition explores social media and online communication’s threat to meaningful human connection in today’s wired world.  Artists’ talk: March 27.
Mar 11                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Karen Moss (A204, SMFA)
Mar 14                                                  Visiting artist lecture: LaToya Ruby Frazier (B311, SMFA)
Mar 25                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Sandra Allen (A204, SMFA)
Mar 25–Apr 12                                      Print + Paper Area Exhibition (BAG Gallery, Project Space+Weems Atrium, SMFA)
Mar 28                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Thomas Eggerer (Alfond Auditorium, MFA)

Apr 1                                                    Visiting artist lecture: Candice Ivy (A204, SMFA)
Apr 2                                                    Visiting artist lecture: Annie Han + Daniel Mihalyo (Alfond Auditorium, MFA)
Apr 8                                                    Visiting artist lecture: Karen Moss(A204,SMFA)
Apr 9                                                    Visiting artist lecture: Antoniadis + Stone (Alfond Auditorium, MFA)
Apr 11                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Fred Tomaselli (Alfond Auditorium, MFA)
Apr 16                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Karen Yasinsky (Remis Auditorium, MFA)
Apr 16–May 18                                      “Graduating Students and Award Recipients” (Grossman Gallery, SMFA)
Apr 18                                                  Visiting artist lecture: Walid Raad (B311, SMFA) 
Apr 19–27                                             Art Education Festival (Mission Hill building, SMFA)
Year-end event for candidates in the SMFA/Tufts Master of Arts in Teaching program and their PK-12 students.

May 10+11                                            SMFA Spring Sidewalk Sale (SMFA)
Featuring ceramics, photography, drawings, jewelry, T-shirts, prints, paintings and much more by SMFA artists.
May 11–Nov 27                                     (Eunice and Julian Cohen Galleria, MFA)
Solo presentation for 2011 Traveling Fellow 
Ridley Howard (MFA ’99). Established in 1899, the SMFA Traveling Fellowships is one of the largest art school travel grant programs in the country.
May 19                                                 SMFA Commencement

Lectures at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) are free and open to the public.
Attendees must obtain free tickets from a kiosk or ticket desk at the MFA to gain admittance.

MFA Thesis Exhibitions

Feb 13–Mar 6                                        (Howard Art Project)
Joe Joe Orangias. Reception: Feb 22.

Mar 6–15                                              (Fourth Wall Project Art Space)
Alexander Squier; Juan Travieso. Reception: Mar 9, 5 –8 pm.

Mar 20–29                                             (Fourth Wall Project Art Space)
Daniel Embree; Monica Manoski; Courtney McClellan; Ashley Wood. Reception and artists’ talk: Mar 29, 6–9 pm.

Mar 28–Apr 12                                      (Mission Hill Gallery, SMFA)
David Flicker Brown.

Apr 2013                                               (Anthony Greaney Gallery)
Jessica Borusky. Reception: Apr 5, 6 pm.

Apr 3–12                                               (Fourth Wall Project Art Space)
Laura Fischman; Jasmine Higbee; Cathy McLauren; Laura Beth Reese. Reception: Apr 4, 5–8 pm.

Apr 5–27                                               (Laconia Lofts)
Julia Cseko; Molly Segal.

Apr 11–28                                             (Tufts University Art Gallery @ Aidekman Arts Center)
Ario ElamiRuohan Hu; Hiroshi IsoJihee Lee; Chien-ning Liao; Singha Sihakhom; Qing Song. Reception and artists’ talk: Apr 11, 5 pm.

Apr 16–May 18                                      (Anderson Auditorium, SMFA)
Laura Harrison; Eugene LaRochelle; Maia Lynch; Karmimadeebora McMillian; Timothy Mearini; Ivette Salom.

Apr 17–26                                             (Fourth Wall Project Art Space)
Caroline Board; Kate Castelli; Stephen St. Francis Decky; Chrissy Lapossy. Reception: Apr 18.

Apr 19–30                                             (Howard Yezerski Gallery)
Robert Chamberlin; Huaiyu Chou. Reception: Apr 19, 6–8 pm.

May 2013                                              (Carroll and Sons Gallery)
Katherine Gilbert; Timothy McCool.

May 1–11                                              (Fourth Wall Project Art Space)
Jodie Goodnough; Katherine Mitchell; Carl Vestweber. Reception: May 1, 5 pm.

May 2–19                                              (Tufts University Art Gallery @ Aidekman Arts Center)
Case Hathaway-Zepeda; Paul Ishii; Ryan Kish; Elizabeth Lynch; Vanessa Michalak; John Neylan; David Richmond. Reception and artists’ talk: May 2, 5 pm.

May 16–30                                            (Fourth Wall Project Art Space)
Jessica Anderson; Lauren Coulson; Megan HerwigNeerja Kothari; Valerie Ng; Katherine Romero; Nicole Rosato. Reception: May 16.

May 16 + 17                                          (Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
Lauren Coulson; Angela Counts; Bug Davidson; Case Hathaway-Zepeda;Timothy Mearini; Brianne Milder; Kathleen Tyler.

Jun 13–29                                             (Grossman Gallery, SMFA)
Blazejack; Renee Browne; Christopher Cavallero; Jenna DeLuca. Reception: Jun 13.
Jul 12–27                                              (Grossman Gallery, SMFA)
Kocur; Emily Lombardo; Katrina Majkut; Sarah Pollman; Heather Renken; Valerie Sanders. Reception: Jul 11.

Visit for a complete schedule.


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