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February 2 - April 4, 2013
Thursday, February 7, 6 - 9 pm
Thursday, March 7, 6 - 9 pm

Jess Anderson
Julia Czekö
Ingrid Sanchez
Vestments is an exhibition of site specific installations from three MFA students from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts: Jess Anderson, Julia Csekö and Ingrid Sanchez. Titled after noted Marxist Henri Lefebvre’s description of vestments in his book “The Construction of Space”, the exhibition offers three examples of large, handmade surfaces created by artists.
The word "vestment" describes an outer garment, often a robe or gown worn to denote rank or office.  Historically, vestments were hand constructed of fine materials with embellishments to indicate the special position of the wearer. Contemporary vestments are typically mass produced in factories, no longer made by human hands.
Printmaker Jess Anderson produces her works through physical effort, instead of computerized images and printers. By doing so she reclaims the artist's role as a maker in the post industrial era, demonstrating the amount of visual impact one single person is able to produce. For this exhibition, Anderson is developing a laminate flooring with screen-printed patterns to showcase the surfaces we walk over.

Julia Csekö works with referential texts of poetry, philosophy, art theory and urbanism.  Csekö appreciates these texts for their relevance and beauty and continues to revisit them in her paintings.  She constructs geometric puzzles of color and text schemes in her large scale paintings and murals. Her installation is inspired and named after Allen Ginsberg's work “Transcription of Organ Music”.

Ingrid Sanchez will construct a two story interior mural composed of her prints, drawings and fabric works.  Using Colonial and Baroque era patterns, Sanchez’s work accumulates mesmerizing details and intricate references.  Her inspiration comes in great part from her homeland, Brazil, and its shapes, colors and graffiti.
Vestments runs from February 2 to April 4, 2013.  Two receptions will be held during the First Thursday Beverly Art Walk on February 7th and March 7th, both from 6-9pm.
Founded in 2010, 17 Cox presents experimental and underrepresented visual ideas through its gallery, library and residence. A former taxi dispatch, 17 Cox is located in the Goat Hill district of Beverly MA. Our warehouse is 4 blocks south of the Beverly Depot. Parking is available.

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