Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gregory Prestegord: Safe Haven

Gregory Prestegord: Safe Haven
March 15 – April 10, 2013

     ‘Prince & Salem’, 37 x 37, Oil on Panel, 2013.

Sloane Merrill Gallery will open a solo exhibition for Philadelphia-based painter Gregory Prestegord on Friday, March 15th, 2013.  The exhibition, Safe Haven, focuses on time spent in Boston and New York City and consists of fifteen oil paintings produced over the past several months. Born in Philadelphia in 1983, Gregory trained at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and during his time there he was highly influenced by Murray Dessner, Sidney Goodman, and Scott Noel. 

‘Panoramic’, 24 x 57, Oil on Panel, 2013.

Safe Haven marks a strong progression for Gregory’s work, as he delves into capturing the energy of these two iconic cities and their powerful, yet different architecture.  Gregory’s passion for cityscapes extends from his interest in urban culture and the ability that a city has to nurture its inhabitants.  The fifteen oils present a visual narrative of life in Boston and New York City.  Gregory’s work can be found in many private collections throughout the US and Canada.
 ‘In the Rain’, 47 x 47, Oil on Panel, 2013.

Sloane Merrill Gallery is located at 75 Charles Street, Boston, Massachusetts.  For more information on this exhibition please contact the gallery at617.227.1775 or

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