Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anthony Greaney presents Paul Pescador

Anthony Greaney presents Paul Pescador's first east coast solo exhibition: 6,7 or 9. This is the third part of The Number Project, which explores the relationship between numbers and social relationships. The project as a whole aligns conceptual logics and rules with day-to-day trauma and personal experiences to create photographs, artist books and films. The first part 1, 1 1/2 2 (Human Resources, Los Angeles, 2011), dealt with the relationship between self and a potential other body. The second part, 3,4,5 and 8 (UC Irvine Art Gallery, 2012) dealt with various group dynamics, 3-being the smallest form of a group, 4 and 5 being domestic numbers, and 8-being an orgy of bodies. 6,7 or 9 (2013) exists somewhere in between 5 and 8, creating artwork that disjoints the chronology of the project.

Pescador photographs materials such as construction paper, yarn, and other everyday objects. The resulting photographs are collaged and re-photographed multiple times so that the constructed bodies and backdrops merge into each other. The final photographs function like headshots of collaged figurines.

Accompanying the exhibition is a narrative film which will screen hourly. Pescador uses different personal relationships as the subject matter of the film, these relationships vary from the domestic to anonymous strangers. The film cross cuts between these different social dynamics which intertwine into each other and often collide. The images in the film are created out of brightly colored dioramas in visual a vocabulary similar to the photographs. These playful images contrast the serious subjects matter, producing a world that appears playful but also dark in tone.

As part of the exhibition is a screening of his film, 
3, 4, 5 and 8 (2012) at Anthology Film Center in New York on May 5th at 3pm. Anthology Film Center is located at 32 Second Ave New York, NY 10003.

Paul Pescador is a Los Angeles based artist and filmmaker. His practices focuses on the transformation and translation of personal narrative and experience as it shifts from one medium to another, exploring the relationship between the projected film screenings, the printed photograph, and performance art. In his practice performances become images. Images become books. Books become films. These works exist in a constant cycle of use, in which moving image becomes the centralized action that links each of these mediums together. Pescador recent exhibitions include solo projects at the Vista Theater, Los Angeles (November 2012), ForYourArt , Los Angeles (June 2012), and Human Resources, Los Angeles (May 2011). He has been included in group exhibitions at Chapman University, CA (September 2012), LAX ART, Los Angeles (September 2012), and Night Gallery, Los Angeles (February 2011). He obtained his MFA in Studio Art from the University of California, Irvine in Spring 2012.

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