Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston Based Band "Gentlemen Hall" Released A New Music Video With Art By Iansanity and Ethan Goldhammer!

Gentlemen Hall's "Sail into the Sun" music video was premiered on MTV's Buzzworthy blog this week.  Brilliant local artists, Iansanity and Ethan Goldhammer, were involved with the colorful mesmerizing artwork.  I have already watched this video numerous times because it is so happy that it makes me happy. In fact, I am still smiling.  I hope these guys collaborate again in the future. I also hope to see the triangle people again in the future. Great work! :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flash Forward Festival is returning to Boston!

Flash Forward Festival is returning to Boston for the third year, May 16-19 @ Fairmont Battery Wharf.  Here are some links to the Festival Catalogue and Insert.

They have the best line-up of programming to date including:

  • Revolution in Silicon Valley - Insider secrets from Steve Jobs documentarist Doug Menuez

  • Instagram & Mobile Publishing - Getty Images, etc. 

  • Where Photography Is Headed - New York Times James Estrin

  • Complex Art of Travel Photography - Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, etc. 

  • Collecting Fine Art - Prestigious gallery owners from New York & Boston
This year they've also gone really BIG in terms of exhibitions. The first two weeks of May they're launching four pop-up exhibitions with opening night parties across the city (including a special installation at Faneuil Hall Marketplace), which feature New England's finest photographic talent: UndergraduatesFaculty local legend Jim Dow. Not to mention apublic art collaboration with the folks from Brooklyn Bridge Park and Photo District News on the Rose Kennedy Greenway

(click images to enlarge)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Exploring Afro-Cuban Culture at the Multicultural Arts Center

Exploring Afro-Cuban Culture
Clara Morera - Cepp Selgas - Jorge Java - Bernardo Navarro

Curated by Latin Art Space
Artist Reception May 16, 6:30-8:30pm
Multicultural Arts Center
41 2nd St.
Cambridge, MA

For more info visit:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Raising Hull kicks off over Spring Break with Arts Camp for Kids! The Hullion Foundation for the Arts

*Raising Hull kicks off over Spring Break with Arts Camp for Kids! The Hullion Foundation for the Arts*

*Aiming to inspire our youth and foster creativity in the newest Artist*

Entertainment industry professionals Ange and Rob Alex moved to Hull in September 2012 and launched a youth Arts program when others said it couldn’t be done. Ange Alex brings 20+ years of acting, improv, modeling, on camera and more. Rob Alex brings 30+ years in music, recording and design. Both Ange and Rob have successful promoted the Arts through their popular entertainment magazine, /The Backstage Beat./

This new Arts program launches in Hull, MA to inspire the children, increase the community business and transform the town.

There is no denying the impact the Arts have on a town and students. So why is it so hard to find programs that children can get involved in that don’t cost an arm and a leg?

The Hullion Foundation for the Arts was born out of necessity and raised on creativity. It is a place for kids to find their voices as artist and express themselves as individuals.
The goal is to raise middle school and high school confidence and to allow these creative minds to understand that the mark they leave on their community and the world needs to be a good one.
They /can/ control where their life goes. They have the power inside them to be all they were created to be.
Finding their gifts in the arts will allow them to take responsibility for their own lives and their community.
They will accept nothing less than their best and we will aim to inspire them to always do what is right, not just because someone is watching.
Community service will be mandatory as adults see these kids taking an active role in their community, they too will be inspired.

The Foundation is striving to provide these services to kids free of charge, with the support of the community.The program is funded through donations and membership card purchases. Purchasing a card allows cardholders to receive a wide range of discounts around town. For more information on how to donate or purchasing a membership card, visit

As a way of launching the program and getting the town and kids going on these big ideas, they are having a Spring Break Hullion Camp.

They want to make this feel like a group setting and a place to belong for these emerging Artists, so we will do everything as a group that week.

Starting on Monday, April 15th and going through Friday, April 19th from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m., they will be meeting and achieving some great goals.

   Goals for the program are as follows:

 * To work together as a group for upcoming projects

 * To begin to function as a group and feel comfortable (Getting to
   know you time)

 * Raise self esteem through numerous activities

 * Photo shoot (For those comfortable – model releases must be filled
   out and signed by parents and parents are invited to attend the
   photo shoot)

 * Demo song recorded with everyone having a part

 * Mini magazine – layout, editing, stories, photos, deadlines

 * Art – working on painting – Abstract Art

 * Photography – Photo essay completed “Through These Eyes”

 * Group video filmed on the beach – “Soak up the Sun”

 * Comedy Improv sessions, like “Whose Line is it Anyway”

They will be talking about ideas, goals and interests and learning about these things.

*On *Friday* April 19^th they will wrap it all up with a big party to celebrate their successful launch and to meet the family, friends and town supporters. They will feature the artwork, photos, magazine layout and more that was completed. They will also have some great guest speakers including Johnny Earle from Johnny Cupcakes, also a special SKYPE session with notable entertainers and industry professionals. Raffles for great prizes like Kevin James tickets, Boston Children’s Theatre tickets, and loads more! Desserts available and Cash Bar. Tickets are $8 and there are only 175 available.

What: Raising Hull Spring Break Bash
When: April 19, 2013 – 7 p.m. ET

Where: Nantasket Beach Resort – 45 Hull Shore Drive, Hull MA 02045 – Nantasket Ballroom

Phone: 617-657-HULL or 781-925-4500 Nantasket Beach Resort

URLS: www.TheHullion,org/RaisingHullBash <http://www.thehullion,org/RaisingHullBash>

About The Hullion Foundation for the Arts:

The Hullion Foundation for the Arts' mission is simple. To provide an outlet for kids to find their voice and let it be heard. To find their talents and let them be seen. Our goal is to transform this town through the arts. Through inspiration we will raise Hull.
We are Hullions, raising our community to a higher level.

*They are filming a documentary about this program, from start to a full year later as you can then watch the transformation of these kids and the town itself. It is entitled “Raising Hull” Filming for this documentary will be taking place during the camp and the party on April 19th

Clark Gallery Presents Color Collision

Color Collision is a group exhibition featuring work in all media from April 9 - May 11..
For a preview see:

Clark Gallery
145 Lincoln Road
Lincoln, MA 01773

Sunday, April 7, 2013

National Poster Retrospecticus 2k13: 300 Handprinted Posters Visit Boston

(artwork by: Dan McCarthy)

The National Poster Retrospecticus tour and its homecoming here in Boston on May 3rd. 

Over 300 handprinted gig posters made by more than 75 artists from around the country will be featured this year. The Boston show will be up for one night only and feature 
work by local poster making legend Dan McCarthy! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Boston's Award Winning Robert Klein Gallery at The AIPAD Photography Show New York, April 4-7 Booth 310

April 4 - 7, 2013
Booth 310 | The Park Avenue Armory, Park Avenue & 67th Street

Join the Robert Klein Gallery in New York City next week for THE AIPAD PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW NEW YORK, the largest international art fair dedicated to fine art photography. AIPAD, the Association of International Photography Art Dealers, will bring together more than 75 of the world's leading photography art galleries to present museum-quality work at the Park Avenue Armory.
Find us in Booth 310, where we will offer photographs by

Jessica Borusky - The Posture Grid!

Jessica Borusky    
FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 6 - 8 PM  

The Posture Grid!

This project is an exploration of personal/performed/projected identity through the construction of persona. Using the premise of selling a grid product, The Posture Grid! is a durational performance for video that unpacks advertising language in order to engage how products meant and designed to "help" the body, often reflect ways in which the body has been repeatedly regimented, silenced, and forced into "straight lines" that often do not coincide with lived experience. Through humor, endurance, and duration, The Posture Grid! begins to break down the initial sales-veneer: exposing a figure that cannot return to the sales pitch, and revealing the ways in which no-one can succeed within the grid's rigid lines. "The Posture Grid: If You Stand Straight, You're Accomplished!"

Jessica Borusky is a Floridian feminist who currently resides and works in Boston, Ma. Through humorous, persona-based, performance for video, her work deals with ways in which language surrounding and marketing the American body often reflect oppressive ideals.    

anthony greaney logo
450 harrison avenue, boston 02118617.482.0055
wednesday to saturday
12 to 6 pm and by appointment

MFA Thesis Exhibitions - School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston

Boston, MA (April 2, 2013)—This spring, the joint Master of Fine Arts degree program of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA) and Tufts University celebrates the work of its graduating students with a series of final thesis exhibitions. Through in-depth presentations of artwork developed during the two-year program, these talented MFA students explain their creative process and development through artistic representation. With a robust class of over 60 graduates, SMFA-Tufts thesis exhibitions will take place throughout the spring and summer at galleries around Boston. Admission to exhibitions and related events is free and open to the public.

Through April 12
Reception: March 29, 5:30 pm
Mission Hill building Gallery, SMFA, 160 St. Alphonsus Street, Boston

In “Retinal Systems” David Flicker Brown focuses on several different systematic techniques for capturing and compressing large amounts of photographic data. These amalgamations explore the Darwinian nature of both organic and manufactured forms. 

April 3–12, 2013
Reception + Artist Talks: April 6, 5–8 pm
Fourth Wall Project, 132 Brookline Ave, Boston

Laura Fischman’s paintings honor the everyday and the overlooked; the works in “Neither here no there” reference a sense of yearning for something that is both unknowable and unnamed; in Hope/FearJasmine Higbee layers film footage to create a video installation that challenges existing conversations about environmentalism; inspired by mythology, fairy tales and Renaissance painting, Laura Beth Reese’s photographs are depictions of a world that exists somewhere between reality and non-reality.

April 5–27, 2013
Reception: April 5, 5:30 pm
Laconia Lofts Gallery, 433 Harrison Avenue, Boston

Julia Csekö’s scluptures in”Aftermath” transform social symbols and objects, such as miliray fatigues, into doll-size proportions, encouraging viewers to confront tough issues without the “life-size” intimidation factor; Molly Segal’s paintings in “If You Jump, I’ll Jump” explore the psychological ambiguities of interactions between young women, delving into ideas about friendship, intimacy, desire, fear and recklessness.

April 5–20, 2013
Reception: April 5, 6 pm
Anthony Greaney, 460 Harrison Ave, Boston

Jessica Borusky’s The Posture Grid! is an exploration of personal/performed/projected identity through the construction of persona. With humor and endurance, this durational performance for video unpacks advertising language to explore how products designed to “help” us instead often reinforce the pursuit of a rigid, unrealistic “ideal.”

April 11–28, 2013
Reception + Artist Talks:  April 11, 5–8 pm

Ario Elami’s series of mostly small-scale conceptual works, combining text and drawing, explores the event of one’s death and the prospect of an afterlife; Ruohan Hu creates modern version of HyakkiYagyo (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons), an illustrated handbook about ghosts and monsters from Japanese and Chinese folklore; Jihee Lee’s paintings bare witness to the act of meditation and as objects, are a physical record of time and personal memory; in his photographic seascapes, Chien-ning Liao creates spaces that are ambiguous allowing viewers to question what they are looking at;Singha Sihakhom explores the Buddhist term for constant flux and impermanence, annica, through the lens of his personal experiences migrating from Laos and becoming an ordained Buddhist monk;Qing Song’s oil paintings reflect on the challenges faced by the first generation of modern, urban, professional women in China, as well as her own identity as a young female painter.

April 16–May18, 2013
Reception + Artist Talks: April 16, 5:30 pm
SMFA/Mrs. E Ross Anderson Auditorium, 230 The Fenway, Boston

In “Ray of Dark,” Laura HarrisonEugene LarochelleMaia LynchKarmimadeebora McMillanTim Mearini and Ivette Salom investigate contemporary cultural norms and an array of predicaments with humor and surrealism.

April 17–27, 2013
Reception:  April 19, 5–8 pm
Fourth Wall Project, 132 Brookline Ave, Boston

Caroline Board’s works in “seen/unavailable” are inspired by life’s fleeting moments—a discarded note, a memory. By combining these moments in a painting, she enhances their abstract nature and obscures their reality; Kate Castelli’s “End Page” is an intersection of books, works on paper and collections that explore poetic and formal juxtapositions in order to connect what cannot be connected;Stephen St. Francis Decky works with an ever-evolving cast of shape-shifting characters in a variety of media, from acrylic paintings and sculptural installations to the photographs and films through which their stories are brought to life.

April 19–30, 2013
Reception: April 19, 6–8 pm
Howard Yezerski Gallery, 460 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

In “Fill Me Up,” Robert Chamberlin’s vases meet viewers, ready to become a surface for the projection of their desires, waiting to be filled with the projection of our lives measuring time and events;Huaiyu Chou explores loss, memory, image and a suppressed history through miniature watercolor portraits, all based on photographs of victims of the “228 massacre” of 1947 and the white terror period in Taiwan.

Founded in 1876 and accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA), is one of only three art schools in the country affiliated with a major museum—the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Our mission is to provide an education in the fine arts—for undergraduate and graduate artists—that is interdisciplinary and self-directed. This education values cultural, artistic and intellectual diversity; it embraces a wide range of media; it stresses the development of individual vision and its relation to culture in general; it values equally the knowledge gained by thinking and doing; it is deeply engaged with the world as a whole. If the mission is constant, its practice is always transforming. For more information about our programs and partnerships, visit

Crystal Skin - A documentary based in Bogotá, Colombia that traces the lives of four individuals living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)

Two JP-based independent filmmakers, Michaela O'Brien and Melissa Langer, will be holding a fundraiser to raise post-production funds for In Crystal Skin, a documentary based in Bogotá, Colombia that traces the lives of four individuals living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare disease that affects 1 in 50,000 people. They will be screening their trailer and displaying photography for sale. Join them for free food, drinks and raffle prizes from local JP stores! The event is on Thursday, April 18th from 7:30 - 11pm at the Aviary Gallery in JP. 

In Crystal Skin is a lyrical portrait of four individuals challenged by
Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare disease that affects 1 in 50,000 people. 
This documentary reveals the untold  story of a tireless global network of 
individuals, parents and doctors battling to find a cure. It follows two sisters 
with EB who live in a crowded orphanage in Bogotá, Colombia. As their story
unfolds, the film explores the private lives of two other individuals battling EB: 
a ten-year-old girl as she is shepherded across the threshold of a complicated 
adolescence by her devoted mother and a middle-aged messenger searching
for a companion in a bustling city.

Email if you'd like to illustrate the banner of our blog! ^_^