Thursday, April 10, 2014

YellowKorner Gallery Captures Sweet Dreams of Surreal Photography Created by Alastair Magnaldo

Surreal Photography by Alastair Magnaldo   

Parisian-Based Gallery Making Exquisite Works Increasingly Attainable to the Public Holds Artist Feature at Burlington Location on Saturday, April 19th at 4pm Burlington, MA (April 7, 2014) 

YellowKorner Photography Gallery is capturing the imaginations of Boston-area art lovers and is imprinting surreal photographic memories with a feature on one of its world-renowned artists, Alastair Magnaldo. The Parisian-based gallery is holding an artist feature on Saturday, April, 19th beginning at 4pm showcasing Magnaldo’s dream inspired collection as it continues to introduce its internationally acclaimed practice of “democratizing” the world’s finest photographic art to the Greater Boston area. YellowKorner currently holds 80 galleries worldwide with its recently opened Burlington location being the very first in Massachusetts. 

 Magnaldo’s exclusive YellowKorner collection invites its artistic audience on a return to childhood by utilizing surreal aesthetic elements portraying images of liberation and desire. Disregarding the laws of physics and logic, Magnaldo creates a universe inspired by a cognitive niche found in the early stages of mental development and his works are often positioned from back to front, providing its audience with a child’s perspective. 

Magnaldo’s works have been compared to those of famed 1920’s surrealist artists, Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali for their technical reproduction of the mechanisms of dreams. 

Complimentary libations will be provided by Deep Eddy Vodka, while YellowKorner’s ownership team takes guests on a visual exploration of the French surrealist photographer’s luminous vision of photography, utilizing an experimental and creative digital approach. In addition to a feature on Magnaldo, guests will be educated on YellowKorner’s meticulously selected artist roster, positioning ultra-talented contemporary and period photographers alongside some of the greatest names in photography, all of whom have accepted to exceptionally increase the print volume of some of their works to make prices affordable. 

 The Magnaldo feature begins at 4pm and YellowKorner North American CEO, Joseph Peteul, is offering private gallery appointments during regular gallery hours by request. Please call781-272-2549 for appointments. YellowKorner is located on the lower level Nordstrom wing of the mall next to the Rockport store. 

 About YellowKorner: Founded in 2006 by Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat, YellowKorner exhibits and markets photographic art with the goal of bridging the gap between world-renowned artists and the public. Headquartered in Paris, YellowKorner has 80 galleries worldwide with Burlington being its first Massachusetts location. YellowKorner democratizes art photography and makes exquisite works increasingly attainable to amateurs and collectors by publishing an increased number of prints at a decreased price. YellowKorner preserves the integrity of its art by producing limited edition works from a meticulously selected group of artists from around the world. For more information, please visit for more information.


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