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Hero Cowboys - Works by Keith MacLelland

Hero Cowboys Award winning artist Keith MacLelland announced that his mixed media hero monster cowboy collages were selected for a solo exhibition at the Nesto Gallery at Milton Academy. March - April 2015 - Artist’s reception to be held on March 6th from 5:30-7:30PM
INTRODUCTION: MacLelland’s work has been recognized internationally and exhibited nationally. The Nesto Gallery Milton Academy will display MacLelland’s work starting March 6th and continuing through April 24th, with an artist’s reception scheduled for
March 6th from 5:30 7:30PM.

ABOUT THE ART: The cultural source of Maclelland’s work is Hollywood’s heroic singing cowboys of the 1950’s, MacLelland’s cowboys have all the magical showmanship of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. They are happy and fun-loving, with the strength and energy to be fierce when necessary. They can turn in an instant to become powerful, robust, and monstrous. However, these are contemporary heroes who, unlike their 50‘s counterparts, must be larger than large…

New Creations by Boston's Lex McDermott

Check out these gorgeous felt creations by Boston's Lex McDermott! 
Visit her Notched Needle etsy shop to see more!

Social Media Workshop, Part 2 - Uforge Gallery

TICKETS: $15, IN ADVANCE The second in Uforge Gallery's three-part Social Media Workshop. Artist Kristilyn will take attendees through the process of researching, applying to, and participating in art markets and conventions. She will demonstrate how social media can be used to find such selling spaces, forge new connections, and promote your artwork.
Attend all three nights in the Social Media Workshop series, in which social media experts share tips on how artists can promote themselves, their work, and special events through online marketing and social networking. Save $10 when you buy tickets to all three nights: Add all three to your cart and use code “SOCIAL3″ at checkout.
Presenter Bio: Kristilyn is a freelance illustrator and portrait artist residing in the Boston area. Known for her use of traditional artistic methods with modern twists, Kristilyn travels the country promoting her work through organic and digital means. She is an experienced hand at all manner of conventions…