Saturday, October 24, 2015

Reclamation: Emerging Female Artists

Reclamation: Emerging Female Artists

Part I: Saturday, November 7–Sunday, November 22, 2015,
Opening Reception, Saturday, November 14, 6pm – 8pm

Part II: Saturday, December 5–Sunday, December 20, 2015,
Opening Reception, Saturday, December 5, 6pm-8pm

The Nave Gallery, Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church
155 Powderhouse Blvd., Somerville, MA 02144

Curated by Yosra Emamizadeh, Vanessa Marcoux, and Cory Munro Shea, Reclamation: Emerging Female Artists, surveys the talent of over 50 artists in two consecutive exhibits at the Nave Gallery this Fall. These exhibits focus on the the work of local emerging female artists through out New England – specifically those who have been making art professionally or as a student for 10 years or less.

In an era where women are still fighting for their rights and their significant yet underestimated role in society, Reclamation offers women a platform to present their work and reclaim their role as makers and creators through art.

Works in each show range from photography and printmaking to sculpture and oil painting. Through each medium, the artists examine complex themes such as female empowerment, stereotypes, sexuality, motherhood, and self image.

In Carbon Dioxide, Noelle Fiori, a New England native who recently received her Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from the Lesley University College of Art in Design, uses collaged images to communicate how mass media and products negatively impact the way women view and construct their own identities.
Boston-area multi-media artist Christina Balch examines people’s identification through the use of mobile technology and self documentation. In her piece, Awake, Balch creates a series of repetitive images of herself to explore and redefine the various constructs and standards of visual language, especially as how they relate to women.
In her piece The Whore of Babylon, textile artist and 2015 RISD grad Abigail Gallagher explores the emotion and complexities of trauma through swollen and stuffed fabric forms reminiscent of a domestic object.
Reclamation I:
An opening reception with the artists will be held Saturday, November 14, from 6 – 8pm. The exhibition will be up for two weeks from November 7– 22. Gallery hours are 1pm – 5pm Saturday and Sunday.  More information and a full list of artists can be found at

Reclamation II:
An opening reception with the artists will be held Saturday, December 5, from 6 – 8pm. The exhibition will be up for two weeks from December 5– 20. Gallery hours are 1pm – 5pm Saturday and Sunday.  More information and a full list of artists can be found at

Reclamation I participating artists:
Jamie Andrade
SaraMarie Bottaro
Sage Brousseau   
Perry Carter
Jenna DeLuca
Ariel DiOrio and Rebecca Hsieh
Hannah Earley
Shoshanna Ehrlich
Noelle Fiori
Jessica Gaddis
Abigail Gallagher
Robin Hackett
Dena Haden
Lauren Hayes
Gina Heeren
Sara Higger
Helena Hsieh
Jennifer Koch
Cassandra Klos
Kate Lenahan
Jessica Liggero
Brittany Marcoux and Diana Jean Puglisi
Elizabeth Menges
Shelby Wynne Richardson
Carly Rose Roy
Ruth T. Segaloff
Krista Stanowicz
Tania Dias Vasconcelos
Anne Sommers Welch
Sandrea Lovelock-Williams

Reclamation II participating artists:
Christina Balch
Victoria Barquin
Sally Chapman
Mira Dayal
Chloë Feldman Emison
Crystal Johnson
Brittany Synott Johnston
Boriana Kantcheva
Ali Keller
Catherine Kirsch
Alexis Kochka
Jessica L’Abbe
Colleen Mann
Sarah May
Ashley Normal
Jill O’Rourke
Joni Sullivan
Natalie Titone
Stephanie Todhunter
Danielle Tolson
Meg Turner

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Courtney White's 2015 Sketchbook

Courtney White incorporates detailed line-work, vibrant watercolors, and vivacious typography to create incredible works of art. She has recently released over 30 images from her 2015 sketchbook that can now be seen on her website: She's available for hire and can be contacted through her site!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Global Art Initiative, INSIDE OUT, Promotes Peace In Boston!

"I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project, and together we'll turn the world... inside out."-JR (Creator of the INSIDE OUT project)

Winning the 2011 TED prize, visiting over 124 countries and territories with more than 234,000 participants, the INSIDE OUT project has the potential to change the world. This week, INSIDE OUT made a stop in Boston! They set up their photo booth truck in various locations and took portrait photos of over 70 pedestrians. Boston is a prime location for this project for many reasons but mainly because our community is still healing from the marathon tragedy. Over 50 large-format portraits of residents were pasted on the Dudley branch of the Boston Public Library. Be sure to look for more INSIDE OUT locations in the upcoming weeks, and take a moment to think about global change. Big thanks to INSIDE OUT!
(Local artist, Matt Bernson, holds portrait taken by the Inside Out project)

(Local musician, Casey Desmond, holds portrait taken by the Inside Out project)

(Boston turned INSIDE OUT - Photo from the Inside Out Project Facebook page)

Learn more about Inside Out Project on their website, "like" them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Boston Zine Fest 2015

Boston Zine Fest is a weekend long celebration of zines & DIY culture in the greater Boston area. BZF is committed to providing a safe (and fun) space for zine enthusiasts and creators to come together to share their work, exchange ideas, and promote self-publishing and zine culture. 

Boston Zine Fest will be holding Day 1 activities at Make Shift Boston this Saturday (October 10th)! Stop in for workshops, panel discussions, and zine readings! There will be free pizza and ice cream, thanks to Jumbo's and FOMU! 
Day 2 (Sunday, October 11th) will be at Simmons College for the zine exhibition/tabling portion of BZF! Don't miss out on this awesome event!
(click map image to enlarge)

Saturday, October 10 | 12 pm to 6pm @ Make Shift Boston
Sunday, October 11 | 12 pm to 6 pm @ Simmons College


DAY 1: Workshop + Panel + Readings!

Saturday, October 10, 12 PM to 6 PM

Make Shift Boston 
549 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

An afternoon of WORKSHOPS & PANELS, stick around for ZINE READINGS from your favorite local & out-of-town zinesters!

+ 12 pm to 1:15 pm Punk Home Ec: A crafty how-to workshop presented by Emma Karin of Radical Domesticity & Pretty Dirty Press. (Her first craft will be kid-friendly!)
+ 1:30 pm to 2 pm Lunch: come grab lunch & make some new zine friends while you're at it! 
+ 2p-4p Zines as Radical Resistance: A panel exploring ways we use zines to challenge social norms and enact social change.
+ 4p-6p Zine Readings

About the panelists:
-- Jamezie (they/them) of Gendercraft, a zine discussing mental health, depression, and gender issues, particularly their experience of coming to understand themselves as trans.
-- Lydia Fu (she/her) of Good Bad Sister Sister, A comic about two Asian American sisters and others dealing with issues like culture, identity, sexuality, race, and gender issues.
-- Aus (they/them), Founder of the Wheelhouse, a supportive resource and distro for marginalised individuals to build intersectional and anti-oppressive communities.
-- Sy J. Abdu (she/her), makes art zines that feature archival images culled from the Library of Congress "remixed" or collaged into new works. It is a means for her to explore themes of visibility, African-American identity, and relationships through the lens of historical imagery. 
-- Alyssa Rorke (she/her), writes Letters from Bummer Camp which began as a literary/arts zine but developed into addressing some problems that our immediate underground arts community (New Brunswick, NJ) has been experiencing such as misogyny, racism, and sexual violence.
-- Taryn Hipp (she/her) writes Lady Teeth, a perzine about addiction, recovery & living sober. 
-- Stephanie Crumley (she/her) is a kinky queer feminist who worked in animal rights and food politics for several years. In addition, she has two other genres of zines pertinent to radical resistance: her abandoned series which encourages folks to redefine the constraints of social norms and how we interact with the world around us, Adfam, which draws attention to the cultivated "family femme" image as a commodity in advertising from the 1940s to the contemporary time. She also has a series and Bound: which follows femme objectification for CIS male consumption through "adult literature." 

Reader Schedule
4:00p-4:15p -- Jenna Freedman - Are You There, God? It's Me, Menopause
4:15p-4:30p -- StephGuez - No Te Hagas la Pendeja (Don’t Be a Dumbass)
4:30p-4:45p -- Nicole Mazzeo - Pleasure Pie
5:00p-5:15p -- Mckenzie Mullen - Swearing In Cursive #5
5:15p-5:30p -- Ally Bernstein - The Devil Lives in Massachusetts But the West is Filled With Ghosts
5:30p-5:45p -- Nyxia Grey - Boo’ya Moon
5:45p-6:00p -- Catalina Rufin - Highland Girl

About the readers:
-- Jenna Freedman (she/her) will be reading Are You There, God? It’s Me, Menopause, a zine she created with sister zine maker and perimenopauser Kate Haas to confront the shame and silence around menopause. This essay Jenna will read explores the mental, emotional and physical aspects of The Change that surprised her. You'll want to buy this zine for your mother, but you should also read it yourself.
-- StephGuez (she/her) will be reading from No Te Hagas la Pendeja (Don’t Be a Dumbass), a Spanish language auto-bio comic set in Bronx, NY in which a young Steph tries to get away with going to a classmate’s home after school which is against her mom’s rules. What ensues is a roller coaster of stomach aches and sweat! (will be translated for an English-speaking audience)
-- Nicole Mazzeo (she/her) will be reading from Sex Letters Volume One, a letter she wrote to her teenage self saying everything she wish she knew about sex as a teenager. You can find more of her sex-related work 
CW: sexual assault, intimate partner violence, painful sex
-- Mckenzie Mullen (she/her) will be reading from Swearing in Cursive #5, which opens with Mckenzie working in a high-end yarn and fabric store in Oakland, California. A customer asks her about how to make “flattering” clothes for larger bodies – thus provoking her to make this zine, all about existing as a queer fat femme. F*ck flattering!
-- Ally Bernstein (she/her) will be reading from The Devil Lives in Massachusetts But the West is Filled With Ghosts, a per-zine about droughts, floods, natural disasters, and moving across the country. 
CW: drug mentions, death, sexual harassment
-- Nyxia Grey (she/her) will be reading from Boo’ya Moon, short stories about her childhood, growing up, and death, while drawing connections to the work of Stephen King.
CW: death/dying
-- Catalina Rufin (they/them) will be reading an excerpt from their graphic novel Highland Girl, about two teens, a witch, and fairy (and her dog), who become friends. 
CW: bullying


DAY 2: BZF Zine Exhibit // Tabling

Sunday, October 11, 12 PM to 6 PM

Simmons College 
Paresky Conference Center 
Main College Building
3rd Floor, East Wing
300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115

Purchase/trade/read zines and comics from local, national, and international zine creators! Make new zine friends!

During the tabling in the break out room: 
-:- 12p-3p Child care will be provided
-:- 3p-4p Jamezie (they/them) from Black Cat Prints will be printing the 2015 BZF poster image on clothes so bring yr extra shirts!
-:- 4p-6p Photobooth Photos w/ Joe Difazio (he/him)

Tablers are:
Josh LaFayette
The Wheelhouse
Barnard Zine Library
Lower East Side Librarian
Derek Marks
The Chubby Behemoth // TCB Distro
Jen Tong
Sister Sister Books
pizza pi press
Joel Alter
Chris Piascik
Cathy G. Johnson
"Curing Cancer" comics
Moose Lane
Papercut Zine Library
DJ Frederick
What the Tree Said Books & Zines
Jenna Yenik
Hungry Ghost Press
PM Press
Alyssa Rorke
Oranbeg Press
"To the Front Zine Collection--Simmons College
sponsoring Nyxia Grey and Hadass Ben-Ari"
amadeus magazine
Flywheel Zine Library
Flying Dodo Publications
Anthony Sorge
Basement Babes
OCD throws bows
Do Not Read Comics
Ryan Burns - RUN Comics
Caffeine Sunrise
Cara Bean
Supplemental Material
Catalina Rufin
Claudia E Berger
Dancing Rabbits Publications
Dave Ortega
Dean Sudarsky
Emma Karin//Pretty Dirty
Gentlepersons Gently
The Indigo Octopus
John Carvajal
Fanatic Fan Zines
Like Like Zine
Sweet Cheek Comix
Lydia Fu
Giant Peach Project
Marie Claflin
Marissa Falco
Mark Z-Man Publications
Mike Funk
Nowhere City Comix
Trees and Hills and Colin Tedford
A.E. Green
Mass Love Distro
Brian Connolly of Nothing Mattress
Sophie Argetsinger
ess elle
Nine Lives Zine Distro
Steph Crumley
Sarah Samways
Taryn Hipp / Lady Teeth zine
Anne Thalheimer
Werdy Girl

Street parking is free on Sundays at meters in Boston!

NOTE: Both locations of this year's Boston Zine Fest are wheelchair accessible, sober spaces. All For more about our commitment to accessibility as well as our safer space policy, click here:

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