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Bistara presents Outside the b.ox

Outside the b.ox Bistara presents Outside the b.ox, a gallery exhibition showcasing the works of Boston’s creative college freelancers. Experience creative entrepreneurship through photography, film, design and other mixed media on view. Participate in daring weekend workshops and contribute to fearless conversations that will shape tomorrow’s creative industry. Bistara aims to fuel your creativity! Opening Reception:Friday, June 30 |  7PM – 10PM
Gallery Hours: Saturday 12-10PM | Sunday 12–6PM Featured Sponsors: Red BullEat Your Coffee,Mighty Squirrel Artists On View PaintingBrittney Ifemembi @britt_ifAarti Amalean @artii96Eva Brechat @eva_sita PhotographyMaya Rafie @mayarafieAli Campbell @isoscelesclambakeJasmine Rayonia @13jrayBrandon Siu @mrsiu__Luis Zavaleta @zavaleta_photography FilmTe Vengo a Buscar by Pablo Vaca @pvacaorvCairo Timelapse by Hisham Moll @hishammoll
All My Love Always by Markus TangreUn Signe by Mahée Merica @maheem7Still Life by Pablo Vaca @pvacaorv DesignJack Rokous

Leica Gallery Boston presents “Rolling Through the Shadows,” a Unique Exhibit by Iconic Skateboarders and Artists

BRANDON WESTGATE FLUME, Los Angeles, California, 2015
Leica Gallery Boston presents “Rolling Through the Shadows,” a Unique Exhibit by Iconic Skateboarders and Artists
An exemplary collection of photography features works by 14 of the most influential names in the skateboarding community for a limited engagement
Leica Gallery Boston is proud to present “Rolling Through the Shadows,” a collaborative exhibition consisting of fourteen icons of the skateboarding community brought together in this unique exhibit.
This collaboration is historically brought together by their mutual passion for Leica photography.  “Rolling Through the Shadows,’ premiered at Leica Gallery Los Angeles in 2016 and a selection from this successful show will debut in New England at Leica Gallery Boston.
The skateboarding artists presenting their work at the exhibit are: Anthony Acosta, Arto Saari, Atiba Jefferson, Dennis McGrath, Ed Templeton, Fred Mortagne, Grant Brittain, Greg Hunt, Jerry Hsu, Joe Brook, Jon Humphrie…

Flower Fairy and Friends Fiber Art Festival

Join Feminist Fiber Art (FFA) and Follow The Honey (FTH) in Harvard Square to celebrate all the magical woodland creatures, bees, and other pollinators through art and music. 
At Follow The Honey from ***1-9pm*** you can peruse their selection of bee products, honey, check out some fiber art, and enjoy some live music. You can check out the set list here: Feminist Fiber Art Fairy Festival Set List

At The Democracy Center from ***2-7pm*** you can look forward to a craft fair featuring miniature fairy sculptures, embroideries of nature and fairies and bees, fiber flower vines, site-specific installations, fresh flower hair garlands for sale, honey punch, a honey tasting, art activities, and a sustainable activity with beeswax.

There will be a suggested donation of $5-10 at FTH for the music fest and a suggested donation of $5-10 at the Democracy Center to fundraise for both of our causes (see below).

We will be raising money for Feminist Fiber Art and Sweet Beginnings. FFA is a woman-dire…